My Vacation to Turkey

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Vacation in Turkey
When planning to vacation abroad always prepare very well. That is what I thought I did when I was going to my vacation to Turkey in August 2007. I was going over there with Russian girl I met online. We met online in 2002, when I was out of work and not in best of mood because of it. Her name was Olga. I liked that she felt compassionate about my situation. Then when we talked more, I found out that we have a lot in common. We both thought that people supposed to help each other and care for each other. That helped me to some point not to be too depressed and keep my mood up. She worked as crime scene specialist but after working there for four months, she had to quit because she got sick. She told me that she had to work 24 hours because her partner’s boyfriend was their boss and so she never had to show up at work and Olga had to work for both. She lived with her parents. Her mother was a pensioner and farther still worked so financially they were strapped. In June of 2003, I finally found job in my field. After working two more years on contracts, in September of 2005 I got job offer that paid well. Soon after, I offered Olga to help her financially. I started sending her $400 every month. She also mentioned that she attended long distance university for year and a half but had to quit because could not pay for it. So I started to send her $500 every semester for her college. This is how it continued for two years. Then I decided to spend vacation with Olga so we can meet in person and get to know each other better. I suggested tour in Russia that included Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. However, Olga answered that no one can surprise anybody nowadays by visiting Moscow. That rather alerted me as I thought she acted somewhat picky considering that I was paying for everything. Then I suggested we spend our vacation on Black Sea. After sometime, she responded that even though it was a good idea but she would like to go to Turkey. She also mentioned it was cheaper than going to Russian Black Sea. I really did not want to go to Turkey, as I never visited Russia since I left it in 1991. Additionally I had to worry about additional paperwork. All these made me feel that Olga is not as considerate of others as I thought she was. I bought vacation package online from tourist agency in Moscow. Because the ad read that trip to Turkey was visa free, I thought that I would not need visa to return to Russia so I prepared single-entry visa to Russia. We decided to meet in Moscow because she lived in small town in Siberia, pick vacation package from tourist agency and then fly to Turkey from there. Olga met me at Sheremetyevo airport. She wanted to hug me but I felt that we did not know each other well enough for such friendly gesture. I think it upset her. From Sheremetyevo, we took bus to Moscow downtown where tourist agency was and picked up our vacation package. This is when I realized my first mistake. The plane to Turkey was flying out from Domodedovo airport, which was on opposite side of Moscow from Sheremetyevo. So I had to carry our entire luggage by myself throughout the city. Finally, we got to Domodedovo and started to pass customs. That is where I realized my second mistake. Customs agent told me that I had single-entry visa and I would not be allowed back in without making new one. Then he reassured me that I should not have problem with making new visa, as there was Russian consulate thirty minutes away from where we were supposed to have vacation. When we landed in Turkey, local guide greeted us. He was ethnical Turk born and raised in Russia, whose parents immigrated to Turkey when he was a little boy. He spoke both Russian and Turkish languages. He gathered about ten other vacationers took us to a bus dropped everybody in their hotels. On the way to the hotel, I told them about my situation that I will need his help to make new visa to Russia. He reassured me that that was...
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