My Vacation

Topics: Restaurant, Lunch, Inn Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: September 23, 2011
I cannot forget the wonderful first day of my summer vacation last year with my best college friends in Nha Trang because this was first time I went on vacation without my parent’s control. First, in the morning, so nervous that I got up at 5am preparing everything for the last time. Then at 8 am my father took me to the bus station. There are four of us, and it was about 8:30 as soon as we started getting on the bus. From Da Lat to Nha Trang, it took us 3 hours by bus. Sitting on the bus so bored, my friend and I were sleeping. By the time arrived at Nha Trang in the afternoon, we took a taxi to the hotel which had been reserved. The hotel was nice and near the beach. After taking shower, we decided to have a big lunch then we could take a walk on the beach. There were so many different restaurants located on just one street; these include Vietnamese restaurant, Italian restaurant, Indian restaurant or American restaurant. We ate a lot of delicious foods at one of the Vietnamese restaurants at the corner of the street and we finished it at 3pm. As the plan, we walked straight to the beach. When we got to the beach, there were a lot of people on the beach. One of my friends and I went to a coffee shop near by while others were swimming. After more than two hours, we went back to the hotel in a tired but excited mood and rested at our room. We had dinner at the same restaurant where we had lunch. Then, we went to “Bon Mua” ice- cream shop which was the most famous in Nha Trang for the seven colors ice- cream. We stood up, and it was over 12pm. So late, we returned to the hotel and we all slept at the moment we lied down on bed. In conclusion, the first day of my summer vacation was finishes so perfectly and we would never forget the great time we had been together.
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