My Vacation

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My vacation was lots of fun. We went to the Smoky Mountains and stayed there for a week. My friend taught us about Jesus.

It was a very interesting trip. I plan to go again as soon as possible. The mountains were fantastic, and I really liked the church there. They were very nice and gave us lots of tasty food. Amazing!

I hope you like my essay about my trip. I am very grateful for you reading it. I worked very hard on it, and I want to get a good grade. Actually, I have to make a good grade no matter what. If my score is too bad, I will have to pay my school for my study here, so I will do anything to get a good grade on this course.

Would you like to go to the Smoky Mountains? Which state would you like to visit? I visited the state of Tennessee with my friends, but they told me we could go to Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, or even Pennsylvania to visit the same mountains. I think we could even go up to Maine or into Canada. It is a very big mountain range, and we liked it very much.

My goodness. How much longer does this website think my essay should be? I've already written a lot. And it still says my essay is too short. That is very sad. It makes me unhappy. I really do want to be happy and to make you happy too. How can I make you happy? The Good News (teacher, why is this capitalized?) makes everyone happy. Except Godless heathens. They are not very happy because they have not any relation with Jesus.

I guess short essays are not good here. This must be a site only for long essays. I wonder how long do they need to be? My teacher said to write a short paper so that we can get on with it. I'm not sure what we need to get on with, or even what "get on" means. Maybe it means we should ride something, like a horse or a motorcycle. Or maybe a bus. Maybe even a car, but I think that would be "get in" not "get on."

Still not long enough. I wonder if I just type random letters would it...
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