My Utopia

Topics: Separation, No Such Thing as Vampires, Word Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 12, 2006
The word by itself invokes a large amount of images, images which are different from person to person. For some, the word means some futuristic city where technology meets all humanity's needs, for others, "utopia" is the simplest life possible, a life supported by nothing more than nature's resources. Some people depict utopia as a world in which you have an unlimited source of money, popularity or love. The only similarity between all of these is the main idea of utopia, your own perfect world.

My utopia is a combination of all of the ideas above. It would be on some other planet, as far away from the earth as possible, because in my utopia there is no separation. There is only one continent, without any boundaries separating everyone. There would also be no different religions, because in my opinion, religion is our biggest enemy, it causes vast amounts of separation and fighting. There would be no war, prejudice and hatred amongst the people.

In my utopia everyone lives in a tight-knit community in one city, without any pollution. From an aerial view of the city, you would see masses of green, littered by a few buildings and houses. One of the rules of the city is that no houses or buildings can be within 10 meters of the boundaries of the others; this provides everyone with much needed space. People care as much for others as they do for themselves and greed is no longer evident, everyone is accepted for who they are. Although everyone is constantly satisfied in this dream paradise, they continue to give as much effort into pleasing their peers as possible.

Everyone is treated equally and there is no poverty, crime or persecution. All food is priced according to its weight and every food conceivable is readily available at the local food store. The school that I would go to would be a multi-cultural and multi-racial school. School would start at 11 am and end at 3 pm. None of the pupils get homework and the teachers are chosen by the...
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