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Topics: Isaac Newton, Classical mechanics, Newton Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Issac Newton - Once upon a time a little boy named Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree ( Little boy Newton walking upto an apple tree and sits down). He was very tired and wanted to rest for a while (Same character looking tired closes his eyes, while one apple on top of his head wiggles slightly) .  Suddenly an apple fell on his head (That wiggly apple falls on his head ). Ouchh !!! said Newton. His head hurt (Newton looking up and rubbing his head). Isaac was a little upset (expression of being cross with the tree) and wished the apple would have fallen up on the clouds and not down on him (the same apple softly landing on fluffy cloud) . Rubbing his head lightly (rubs his head looking up towards the apple with a cross expression) , he fell asleep in the gentle breeze of the tree (slips down a little from the sitting position to a half lying down position, folds his arms, with the same upset look on his face, closes his eyes and gently the upset look turns to a soothing, peaceful and sound asleep look, but not a smiling happy look. Grass and flowers gently swaying in the breeze.). When he woke up, his head was feeling much better (he slowly half opens his eyes).

But the whole incidence made him think, as to why the apple fell down and not fly up in the air (Newton sitting in his room on his study table chair, with folded right hand on his right cheek with a look as if he's in deep thought- shown by very slow blinking and a long gaze, looking out of the window of his room). This thought bothered him for many many days (Newton lying on his bed and thinking, staring on the ceiling and an book upside down on his chest, while the scenery outside his window changes from green grass and flowers to all white snow. The changing scenery will have to be a little obvious and the movement of flowers in wind and falling snow should attract the child's attention). Isaac observed that everything that he would throw in the air would eventually come down (Newton...
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