My Upcat Story

Topics: Text messaging, Mind, Thought Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: June 21, 2012

University of the Philippines Visayas—it never occurred to me that these words would actually make a mark in my life, not to mention college life. I guess it was fate which brought me here but sometimes when I look back and think, I tell myself, “Maybe this really was meant for me”. Thus, my story begins.

The only reason why I took the UPCAT was because majority of my batch mates took it and just because I somehow thought it would be worth the experience. I never treated it like it was going to be a matter of life and death on my part since my parents did not pressure me at all so I just took it for granted. I also thought of challenging my capacity by setting aside the boring MSA reviewers.

The day of the UPCAT came. I was more excited in seeing my classmates and friends from other schools rather than those pitiful math problems asking for a solution. Of course, it was a challenge for me because I couldn’t definitely compare myself to those who stayed up all night cracking their heads while I was just sitting pretty in front of the television. I arrived late at the venue because of so many factors and laziness has been and always will be part of it. I was definitely happy to see my classmates and friends but obviously, I dreaded the thought of having to sit there for hours just to solve Math’s pitiful problems, answer Science’s never ending questions and most of all, deal with English’s alien-like words. I was already there so it was a “no turning back” point for me and I had no choice but to face it, which I successfully did.

Relief swept through me when what seemed like a year and a half has finally ended. All that was running in my mind was the comfort of lying in my bed again just to make up for the hours of sleep loss due to the test. I had to admit that I felt like I was so dumb but considering the fact that I didn’t prepare for the test at all, I guess it was just a normal feeling. It was good to know that I wasn’t the...
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