My Unsung Hero

Topics: Debut albums, Respect, Love Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Hero. What we think when we hear that word? People who sacrifices their lives with blood, sweat and tears to defend the nation? That’s right.But I think a hero is not always the revolutionary, a hero can be anything. Many people think of their stuff as the ‘Hero’, or a singer or an actress, even plants and animals can be the heroes for people. I think ‘Hero’ is someone that can make our life different than before, better and more useful than yesterday. The greatest hero of all to me is ............... She is my mother. She is an extra ordinary woman in the world who takes care of me from I can’t do anything, until I can do a lot of things like now.

My mother, she has given me a birth, raises me and takes care of me. She always gives me attention as long as I’m still breathing in this world. I don’tknow what I’m going to be without her from the time even before I was born, she had already loved me by giving me everything I need in her belly, for nine months. She held a very big load of me with no complains at all. On the day I was born, did she stop loving me when she knew and realised that all babies do just make hertired. They urinate and poop everytime they want, crying all the time, eating with messy, throw up her clothes? No, she didn’t! Shestill loves me no matter what happens.Why?Because she loves me. Sometimes we forget about her kindness, don’t care whether she is healthy or need something. Does she ever forget me like I sometimes forget her? I don’t think so. She still remembered when the first time I called her ‘Mum’. It was the first word I can say and she couldn’t stop crying because she was so happy to hear it, as she did the first time I gave her a birthday present.

My mum is very special to me because she gave me lots of love and care. No one has ever done that to me before. And that will always be in my heart forever. My mum can be the best mum in the world! An example why she is caring would me after the...
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