My Two Goals for Education

Topics: High school, American football Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: August 30, 2006
I have many educational goals that I would like to accomplish. My fist goal is to finish high school. My second goal is to go to collage to study for engineering. While Im in high school I would like to start an extra curricular activity. I want to try out for the football team. I like to play football because it is a thrill to me when I make a touch down. I like to release my anger by running down the field and by tackling people. Football also makes me feel important because I have a curtain duty that is my responsibility that needs to be done. also I think football would help me be determined to do my school work because my coaches will push me to do good so I can be on the team. While Im in high school I would like to make it to all of my classes and to try to complete all of my assignments that are assigned even extra credit. My main classes that I would like to do this in are math, English, and science. I think English is a very important subject. I want to try to take English class more seriously because I would like to expand my vocabulary span. Math and science are very important for my future if I want to study engineering. All of my other classes are very important to do good in if I want to get into a nice collage. I also want to try to get a scholar ship so I wont have to pay all of my schooling. I am determined to go to collage. I want to enjoy the collage experience. Collage isn't like middle school or high school it is a whole new experience. When you are in collage you are treated like an adult and you live on your own. I would like to have my own responsibilities without being treated like Im a little kid. I want to go to a community collage first so I can see if I want to go for my degree in engineering. Also to get my mandatory classes you have to take in collage out of the way. Like English math science and any other class that is mandatory for collage. Then I want to go to UCF to study engineering on airplanes. Ive always had a big...
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