My trip to San Diego

Topics: Summer, Southwest Airlines, Orange County, California Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: October 11, 2013
“Summer in San Diego”

My childhood was mostly spent in Shawnee, KS which is a town located in Kansas City, KS. I moved there when I was 2 years old from Texas and lived there for 10 years. The neighborhood I grew up in was perfect for a child; there were many kids to play with, lots of grass to roll in and trees to climb. I have a small family and lived with them in our 2 story house. I loved my Elementary school, friends and teachers, so when school was out for the summer I wasn’t very excited. My mom picked me up from my last day in 6th grade and it was the beginning of summer break. On our way home she asked me if I’d like to go visit my cousin Jinda in San Diego for the summer. I had never been on a vacation so I was really excited! She then told me I would be going alone but would have an professional escort to help me get on the right flight to San Diego and back. Being 11 years old, I was nervous about that and thought, “what if my Aunt and Uncle aren’t there at the airport waiting for me?” “Will they recognize me after not seeing them since I was a little girl?” Many thoughts went through my mind but I was still excited to visit my cousin and see the ocean for the first time. I woke up on Monday morning and it was time to get ready and go to the airport. I had butterflies in my tummy but I was confident that everything would work out just as it was planned. We arrived at the Kansas City airport, I went through security and boarded my first plane ride all by myself and was off to San Diego! The pilot spoke on the overhead speaker and ensured his passengers that we would be arriving safely in San Diego, CA in approximately 4 hours. During the ride the flight attendants were very nice and served us drinks and a snack. We arrived in San Diego that afternoon and my Aunt Teri and Cousin Jinda were waiting for me by the luggage area. It had been years since I saw them but recognized them right away. Leaving the airport, I noticed...
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