My Trip To Galveston Beach

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ShaTerrian Brown
Mr. Janky
English 1301
My First Trip to Galveston Beach
My family has always wanted to take a trip down to Galveston during the torrid summer. It was an exciting feeling to get away from the dry heated bustle of summer living in Dallas. Every summer, my family packs up and hits the superhighway to our well awaited family vacation. As we drove through city after city, it became apparent that the world around us was changing. As I was peering through the back seat window, I noticed that the cities outside of town are defiantly different from living in the big city. There aren’t any tall skyscrapers or backed up bumper to bumper traffic, instead there are huge golden fields of corn and hay stacks, farms and huge bludgeon black cows.

We continued to drive for about thirty more minutes, and I soon realized that we were getting close to the beach. I could smell the salt in the cool breeze of air from my window. It was mixed with the sweet fragrance of food from the boardwalk. When we arrived at our destination, my father checked us into our rooms at the Silver Leaf Resort. I really wasn’t paying too much attention to my surroundings, because I was bursting with excitement wanting to go to the beach. I begged my mother and father till I turned blue saying “please can we go to the beach now.” “Pretty please with sure on top.” My father just looked at me with that solemn face he always has and said “yes, baby girl we can unpack later.” “Now let’s head to the beach.” I screamed like a banshee with excitement and ran to the room and changed into my swim wear. I grabbed my maroon beach towel with my pale and shovel, and my mini purse that contained my shades, bubbles, and sun screen.

My father carried me down on his shoulders out of the hotel, and when we finally reached the beach my father let me down. When my feet touched the lukewarm sand it felt as if I stepped into a bowl of uncooked grits and they were stuck in between my toes....

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