My Trip to Canada

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When I began to write this paper, a lot of events came to mind. One event that stands out is the family vacation I took to Toronto, Canada. It took place in middle of the hot month of July in 2007. It was a family trip that I went on with my church, Brown Missionary Baptist Church. I had never gone on a trip with them before but was filled with so much excitement and anticipation as well as curiosity and being very nervous as time winded down. I guess it had something to do with me really getting to know my church members. You would think that we would want to travel by plane but that was not a part of the plan at all. We travelled on an icy cold, long, white Coach Bus that seated fifty two passengers. The interior had a type of royal blue theme going on which matched the temperature because when you think of running water in a sink or bathtub the cold water is usually represented with the color blue. It was so cold on the bus it seemed like it was fall when the heat from summer hit your cold body. It stayed cool like that the entire way there. As we approached Canada, I began to get butterflies as if I was starting my first day of high school or college. After showing everyone’s birth certificates and forms of identification, the time had finally come, I made my first visit to Canada and my second trip out of the country.

As we arrived there, my first impression was that their environment seemed to be very clean and neat. The fine for loitering was $500,000. The air was clear and had a fresh smell. You could tell that pollution was not one of their problems, well at least not in Toronto. Unlike Memphis, the streets were as clean as fresh snow that had just fallen. It really stood out because pollution and trash on the street is a very common in Memphis, TN from what I have seen. It was like nothing I had ever seen. The funny thing is I noticed this just as we were on the way to the Hilton, the hotel we were staying in for the week, which was right down the...
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