My Teacher, My Hero

Topics: Education, Hero, Teacher Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: September 19, 2011
There are countless definitions of heroes today. Is it a superstar who used his fame and fortune to help the needy in his hometown? Is it a firefighter who sees no danger in all circumstances just to save lives of people? Is it an Overseas Filipino Worker who is ready to bear the pain of being alone just to provide his family a comfortable life? But what really makes a person a hero?

There are heroes and heroines, national and local. Some of them are born, others are made. Many are still living while many others have long been gone. It is to the latter that monuments and museums were built to keep alive their memories in our hearts and mind. Public buildings, parks and plazas, streets and few cities and provinces have been named after them. Important dates and events are usually marked red in the calendar to remind us of their birth or death anniversary. During the celebration of these events, program speakers take turns extolling to high heavens whatever good they had done for the country.

But behind all these great people are strong foundations that guide, develop, and mold them all throughout. They are the teachers!
What else can we think of when teachers are mentioned? Their understanding, hardships, advices and care for us students. And of course, lectures new lessons, quizzes and assignments! Those memories when they came about to tell stories and jokes with us students. Their “sermons” to us during times when we were disobedient, or lazy to pass our assignments. Their continuous patience and hard works really seem unfolded.

However, education is one of the greatest gift mankind can ever receive. It is vital to anybody. What could be in a school without our teachers? There would be no students as well that in fact, students will not be able to go to school and learn what they are supposed to learn. There will be ignorance. Having our teachers we were able to learn and understand things easier and quicker. Because of their...
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