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My Teacher Idol

By gigi2012 Jan 04, 2011 293 Words
My Teacher Idol

Everyone has their idol in their life. For examples, Singers, teachers, dancers, parents and others. Included me too, I also have an idol in my life. My idol is person who acts as a candle and lightens up my life and brought meaningful to my daily life.

This lady that I begin to talk about is Puan Mercy. 

Puan Mercy not only a counselor but she also has been my English teacher when I was form four. She has five feet tall , round face with  a pair of squirt eyes with thick glasses and she loves to wear long sleeve when she came to school daily.

Puan Mercy is a teacher who I most respect in the school .It is because she has a loving heart, who always cares for her students. During her class she often used her soft sweet voice to teach us English, she didn’t punish us as we lack of knowledge to do our homework. Thus, she always has initiative to teach all of her student who is weak in English essays and grammar test.

Besides that, Puan Mercy sacrificed her free time to give extra tuition class for us. She use all of her effort to improve our English when final exam is around the corner,  I remembered when I was primary school ,I don’t like to study English ,after I meet her , she is the only one who give me support and advise to study English .My English improve immediately as she teach me step by step to study  .

Finally ,my English is very powerful compare to last time .So I would like to thank to idol teacher who always help me when I’m in trouble . I love you , teacher!

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