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gives every single person a live there own unique talent. This talent maybe be singing, athletic abilities, strength, intelligence, ect. This is like the parable of the talents, were everyone gets some money and God sees what they do with it. We need to use whatever "talent" God has given us. It might be money or ability. If we use it wisely, He will increase it so that our lives will glorify Him. This means that God will basically work with you to make you and your talent constructive.

Im a very good gamer i could literly get 32-0 in call of duty black ops i started to become a gamer when i was about 8 the year call of duty 4:modern warfare came out i would beat people in thier 30's soon after i played more and more i became addicted to video games . i was 6 when i watched my father play video games. when he went some where i would quickly grab the controller and take over.but... i was not as good as i am mother would support me for i was becoming even more addicted she knew but that was my only hobby at that time.I got my first Xbox 360 when i was 9 i so excited i could barely inflate my was white with a awesome controller which soon i customized it to a black and red controller .well when i was 11 i got a new xbox 360 the xbox the xbox 360 slim i actually did a commentary on the un-boxing of the console with its sleek and shiny design with easy touch buttons.thats basically how my gaming talent started. My final talent is electronics i can fix some devices depending on whats thier problem for example my grandmothers iphone only showed the apple icon on her iphone 4 she took it everywhere to try and get it fixed but...nothing. i over heard my mom and grandmother talking and i told her to let me give it a shot and soon as after 1 hour it was fixed working better than before.ive always been interested in eletronics when my xbox 360 got red rings of death i took it apart and played around with it the problem was in the control panel there was a...
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