My Study Plan

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讀書計劃 (Study Plan)

一直以來我都有閱讀英文報紙的習慣,我選擇的是「Student Post」,雖然它不像Taipei Times是每天發刊的,報導內容也不那麼深奧,但它的主題很多元,包括一周台灣大事、電影消息、安妮信箱、諺語等…,內容敘述還有教學內容相當活潑且生活化,這樣子不但能引發我學習的動機,也能加深我的吸收能力跟記憶。除此之外,我有時也會上網閱讀Taipei Times,先由一些比較吸引我的主題報導看起,有空再看其它部份,慢慢加強自己閱讀的能力。 I have been reading English newspapers for a long time. The one I chose is Student Post. Although it is not published everyday like Taipei Times, and its contents are not that profound, however, its subjects are diverse, including “Week News”, “Movies”, “Annie’s mailbox”, “Idiom”, and etc. Student Post has active and living teaching contents. It not only inspire my motivation to learn, but also reinforce my absorb ability and memories. In addition, sometimes I read Taipei Times on line. I start to read some reports and articles which catch my eyes first, then read the rest parts of it, in order to strength my reading ability step by step.

除了閱讀外,我還必須加強我的聽力與口說能力,以便到了當地可以更快的進入狀況,而不至於花太多時間在語言的適應上。我會加長聽ICRT的時間,並且多聽英文歌,搭配中英文歌詞瞭解涵意,或是看HBO電影,試著以聽為主,不懂的再看字幕。然後多去跟外國人說話,比方說English corner裡的交換學生,或是我常會遇到的籃球員Sanders。我想養成開口就能說英文,或聽到英文可以快速翻成中文的習慣。 Besides reading, there are still listing and speaking skills for me to practice. Because I want to get into the situation quickly instead of spending too much time adapting to the language. I will prolong my time of listing to ICRT, and listen to more English songs with reading both English and Chinese lyrics in order to understand the meaning. Then, I watch HBO, trying not to see the subtitle unless I do not know the words, hearing what the movies say only. I will try to have conversation with foreigners, such as those exchange students at English corner, or the basketball player I usually met, Sanders. I want to form a habit that I am able to speak English when I open my mouth, or translate English into Chinese quickly in my mind.

至於到了當地大學後,有幾門課我希望能有機會修到。 As for getting to the local University If I am lucky enough to be chosen to study at University of Wisconsin, River...
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