My Strengths and Weakness in Netball

Topics: Sports equipment, Length, Muscular system Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: July 24, 2013
My Strengths and Weakness in Netball
Strengths| Weakness|
Co-ordination| Balance|
Speed| Power|
Agility| Shoulder pass|

1. My number 1 strength in Netball is my hand eye co-ordination. This is used to the maximum ability by always keeping one eye on the ball all the time and making my eyes, arms and legs work together. And because of this I am able to line a shot up whilst trying to throw the ball through the air. 2. Another strength of mine is my Speed. I am fast on my feet which is a key quality to have in Netball. It enables me to spot spaces amongst the players and move quickly so I make myself available and that I can keep pace with my opponent. 3. Agility is also a strength I have; Agility helps me because if I intercept a ball and I need to be able to land, pivot and then throw the ball off to one of their team mates before heading back up the court to my goal end; I am able to do this. And netball is such a fast paced game with many quick changes of direction. If the game changes direction suddenly then I need to be able to stop, turn and run in the other direction as quickly as possible.


1. My number one weakness in Netball is my balance whilst shooting. And to be a sharp shooter you need balance. One way to improve my balance would be standing on the balance boards and try shooting or get someone else to pass the ball to me and I have to try and catch it without losing balance. And by practicing this and remembering to stand with my feet shoulder width apart and keep my body straight and to balance the ball on my fingertips of one hand and use your other hand to steady it. And if I focus on behind the net, bend my knees and shoot. I will become a sharp shooter. 2. Power is another weakness I have. When doing a shoulder pass or chest pass I lack power thus the ball doesn’t travel as fast and can be easily intercepted. And as the chest pass is the most accurate way of getting the ball...
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