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Zyra Claire Cabasis
Ayra strode with a saccharine smile curved on her lips. She is a senior student in high school now. This is the last year of her endeavours and she’ll eventually step onto the next ladder of her academic life, she thought. Ayra politely greeted every teacher she met at the corridors. “Good morning Ayra! You look prettier!”he complimented with obvious twinkling eyes and sweet smile. Far from what’s expected, Ayra frowned of what Kieffer did. She ignored him and went on her way. Ayra Clemente is the snobbiest snob, he believed. She isn’t a man-hater but she just doesn’t like Kieffer Cortez, her three-year seatmate. Most of her schoolmates believe she is a cheerful and kind person, contrary to what Kieffer sees in her. “Ayra? You’re sitting here in front, are you sure?” Nam, her best friend, inquired. “Yes.Why?Is there anything wrong?” she replied asking.

“Nope. But I know your sole purpose of doing so.” she answered with a teasing smile. “You’re avoiding someone. hahaha. You’re so obvious Ayra!” Who wouldn’t avid that one who’d make your day unpleasant? Tss. The occurrences of the previous one thousand days were still so vivid on her head; the days he snatched and ate he biscuits and chocolates in her hands and just laugh when confronted, the very hour he napped on her book making the pages crumpled and untidy, the moment their English teacher asked him to stand where he then nudged Ayra’s chair beseeching her to help him with the answer, those times he brought her notebooks home with ridiculous messages written n some of its pages when returned, and other irritating stuffs. Howbeit, there is one thing she disliked most—his every morning greeting never changes until now. “GOOD MORNIN AYRA. YOU LOOK PRETTIER!” That scripted line never undergoes evolution as well as his irritating smile attached to his unchanging greeting. “Hey! Are you sleeping?” Nam awakened her system. “Your mind is wandering. It seems.” Before that day ended, Ayra found Kieffer under the big tall tree near the gate. He is singing while he’s strumming the guitar. She herself is unconscious that she stays put to listen to his enchanting voice. Kieffer is also unaware that someone watches him until he stood up and caught her standing, blushing. He felt uncomfortably ill at ease. He scratched his head and looked away. Ayra found it as a chance so she hurriedly went out of the campus and rode on the first passing vehicle. She found it incredible—she’s not expecting to see the other impressing side of her three-year naughty, annoying and child-like seatmate. The following day is very different and she doesn’t like the flow of that certain day. She sits in front, bordered by two pretty seatmates, unchanged b their seven subject-teachers. Inquisitively, he didn’t greet her this morning and that saddened her. Every day of that week is a revelation and further acquaintance. Wandering alone at the locker room that afternoon, Ayra saw an open locker which is inviting her curiosity. She is aware that it is not commendable to intrude to another’s property but she still found herself scanning a white-covered notebook. She read numbers of poems in it . Upon reading the last page of the book, she finally noticed the titles of the poems—all the same, all entitled “SEATMATE”! “Ayra…”

She knew very well that typical voice. Her hands shivered as she returned the book. “That’s trespassing. You shouldn’t sneak the things you don’t own— “Ah—I—I don’t…” I denied.
“I caught you. “he frankly said and immediately left after locking the locker. It’s the most embarrassing and stupidest thing she had done of her entire life. She’s ashamed of herself. She felt stupid. Friday, the last day of that week, is the day when she acts very different and unbecoming which puzzled and interested her classmates. To unveil their curiosity, they never leave their eyes on her. “H—hi . I – I know I’m wrong.” She uttered just enough to be heard by him and her...
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