My son is a terrorist by Unni wakan

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Religion Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: May 23, 2014

“My Son -A Terrorist? (He was such a gentle boy)
In the article “My Son-A Terrorist? (He was such a gentle boy), Unni Wikan discusses the life of Muhammad Atta, a young innocent boy, who later became one of the pilots during the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States. In search for reasons behind such drastic transformation, Unni Wikan an antropologist who has lived in Egypt and may have crossed path with Muhammad Atta compares his life to that of another boy Sayyid whom she had known on a personal level. From what she had observed from Sayyid’s lifestyle, she believes that it may contribute in understanding why an innocent boy like Muhammad Atta would later become a martyr and also explain what factors enables or hinders such transformation. Muhammad Atta, a tender hearted young man who believes he carried out God’s will on September 11, was brought up by responsible parents who kept their “doors closed” as a sign of proper upbringing according to the author. From what Unni Wikan’ could remember from her experience in Egypt, Atta was known as a gentle boy hence the doubt of his parents in believing that he took part in the September 11 atrocities. The shock comes from knowing that Atta was not moved by politics or religion as a young man. The reasons why he would one day find himself in the midst of extremist lies in the connection of his life to that of Sayyid. Sayyid, a young religious man who feels entitled to his own interpretation of Islam, lived close to Muhammad Atta; he was clean of corruption, bribery and avoided both in all possible ways. Although fervent in his religion, his extreme fundamentalist behaviors never really (sounds unsure it is ok if the text specifically say so otherwise uou can say "his fundamentalist behaviour did not surface") surfaced until he felt cheated by the education system after his extradition. Left(was it his choice if not he was "made" kinda sounds contradictive with previous assertions) to abuse those who...
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