My Son

Topics: Mother, Sleep, Family Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: September 14, 2013
The Birth of My Son

Derrick Grant

English 121

Instructor Nielson

September 9, 2013

The Birth of My Son

Some things in life can be planned, but nothing is ever for certain. I found that out a long time ago, but what really made me truly believe it was when it happened to me. I was twenty years old when I found out my wife was pregnant. I didn't really believe it at first; I didn't expect it to happen to me at the time. Nonetheless, it did. I really didn't know what to do, after a lot of thought it was decided I was about to become a father.  

"Do some jumping jacks." My mother had said. I looked at my mother as if she was crazy, but at that point, I would really do whatever it took to be a good father and provider for my child. “Little did I know”, once my son entered this world on that day, that I would be introduced to all kinds of new experiences of becoming a parent for the first time and that the way I was living before his birth, those days were about to become a time in my life from the past. The first change that I immediately noticed was the amount of time that would be needed of me, leisurely activities that I frequently use to do such as, going to the sports bar with my friends, hanging out with friends, playing video games for half a day, just the fact that I could no longer go and come as I pleased anymore. Secondly, I still had a lot of growing up to do.   I had to figure out my game plan for life, my career choice, and how to become a good father. I knew the one thing I could count on was the support of my family and the few friends I had.   The amazing thing is that I never had the thought that I couldn’t handle being a good father or being overwhelmed.   I automatically knew what to do and I knew I would be okay (work and be there for my son and wife). To pass the time, Florence and I began to discuss what we were going to do after the baby was born; she was 40 weeks into the pregnancy and due any day. Soon after she fell...
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