My So Called Enemy

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My So Called Enemy: Face to Face Interaction
Adele JosephPeriod 6 9/3/14
In many cases, face to face interaction is the best way to communicate. You entirely get the jest of what the person is feeling and what they are trying to say versus using social media where facial expressions and body language, that would help you understand how the other person is feeling, is virtual. When you are communicating with someone face to face you experience their emotions in a realistic way. You have to respond there and then and leave no time to avoid certain situations. This may be a downfall if it was a conflict. When it comes to resolving conflicts, sometimes face to face interaction may or may not be a good thing. Everyone reacts differently to different things. And based off of the person’s maturity level, it can get violent. For an example, in the movie “My So Called Enemy” the Israeli and Palestinian girls were having a conversation on the feuding countries that they reside in. And in this case, being face to face made it more emotional and more hostile. But again, someone people may be able to handle a contradicting opinion or a conflict and talk about it like a mature adult but others cannot. However, it does depend on how serious the issue is and the character of the people involved. About 99% of the fights I have witnessed started out discussing a conflict face to face. Last year, these two girls were talking out issues they had. One girl felt disrespected and got loud leaving the other to feel threatened and fists were flown. So not everyone can handle being in direct contact with the person they are having problems with. Some can control themselves and talk about a conflict in a mature manner and keep it classy, in other words, but as far as my age group, face to face interaction most of the time doesn’t work in the best favor.
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