My Snow Day

Topics: Snow, Sled, 2001 singles Pages: 2 (877 words) Published: February 3, 2011
My Snow Day
When I was younger, I would maybe in the 3rd grade, one day we had a snow day from school my parents took my siblings and I to the hill to sled. My dad took me to the very top of the hill and had me scared out of my mind. I saw a lot of adults going down with no problem till they hit the bottom then ended up flipping over. So I sat back and watched some kids my age try and it at first they were crying a little bit saying the hill went too far down. Well some of the parents would get them to go by riding along with them so it wouldn’t be so scary. The first time down was always scary to us kids, but once we reached the bottom we always wanted to do it again. I wanted to try a smaller hill first to start out with, so my dad took me over to what people call a baby hill. I had no problem even attempting it; I got right on the sled and went for the ride. I loved it till I got to the bottom; I must have hit a bump or something because I flipped over to the side head first into the snow. When I got up though, I was cracking up. I thought it was so much fun! So I kept on going down the baby hill and got tired of it after a-while. I climbed back up the hill and went to my dad and told him I was ready for a bigger hill. So, he took me to the next biggest hill, which was between the baby hill and the big hill. This hill was much bigger but wasn’t too scary just looking at it.

I got onto the sled and started getting nervous, so I asked my dad if he would go down the hill with me the first time. We had a blast, and again kept going down that hill for a-while. Finally I told him, “okay dad lets’ make our way to the big hill.” We climbed up the side of the building to reach the top of the hill and had to wait a little bit for the people to clear out of the way. So, our turn came to go down and my dad turned to me and asked if I wanted him to go down with me. I stood up and said no, I want to try this one by myself. So I set my sled down and started pushing my...
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