My Sister vs Me

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My Sister VS Me

My sister and I are a lot alike by appearance but have completely different personalities. A lot of people think we are twins, but I am six years older than she. My sister hates when people say that to her, but it does not bother me. I am a much better role model than my sister because of our different life styles.

The first thing is my sister’s attitude. My sister has a bad attitude all the time. It does not matter who the person is; she will tell him or her what is on her mind no matter what. For example, she told somebody off because the person looked at her the wrong way. On the other hand, I am usually nice about everything. I try not to give people attitude because I know people would not like it and I know I would not want people to do that to me.

The second thing is how my sister manages her money. When my sister gets paid it is usually gone in about a day if she is lucky; usually her money is gone quicker than that. She is really bad with money. However, I like to keep as much money as possible in my possession. I like to keep my money saved for a rainy day just in case something happens and I might need it. For instance, I had to buy an iPad because my laptop stopped working a couple days ago. I needed something to do my school work on and it works beautifully.

The third thing is my sister likes to party. If she could and my mother would let her, she would party 24 hours 7 days a week. Such as, my sister and her friends would come back to the house around 5am drunk. She usually goes partying 3 to 4 nights a week. Yet, I like to stay home and watch TV with my family. I know by being home that I do not have to watch out for drunk drivers or find a ride so I can get home. I know by staying home I will be safe.

I know that my sister is young and does not have her priorities straight in her life. I know that I’m a better person than she is right now. But maybe one day she will figure it out...
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