My Significant Other

Topics: English-language films, Meaning of life, American films Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 2, 2006
A human being can have such an affect on a person that it's unbelievable. The beginning of my life has been so special since the minute I was born. I've been born with the ability to have a significant other who can share things with me. A person I can share everything with, and have a special bond. Who knew it would be a snotty nose, tiny boy that I call my brother. His outstanding power to inspire me has affected me my whole life. My mother came up with our names from the Marquee diamond. It was her favorite diamond and new we were to be something special one day. My brother is an important individual to me, because of his extraordinary place in my heart as my twin. He has over the years been overprotective and I never knew why. But now I just decide to sit down and understand the true meaning of caring. I've always blamed it on the fact that we are only one minute apart and just never knew what such a great gift God has given to me. By feeling and exhibiting a concern and empathy to others in all ways. From crying for no apparent reason to sucking in his fears to show how determined he is to take care of business. As I watch and examine his willingness to help those in need, I realize how my hero has climbed the stairs of success to become. We are now seniors and as I look back in time I've seen the life of a saint. Giving back all that has been received back as a gift to society. His community service hours that he has given back on a daily basis show it all. Things that he has accomplished make me proud to call this young man my brother. Being a president of Student Council is an example of leadership skills he has achieved. His desire to keep pressing on with challenges thrown his way gives him the upper hand to a successful outcome. Carrying out his duties everyday in our community he inspires me to be a follower in his footsteps. His powers are superficial and are beyond what I imagine. This has been a real test to...
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