my role model

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My Role Model
BramEnglish 100 – TR - 11:00 AM
February 16, 2014
Everyone has a role model they look up to. These role models range from artists, celebrities, athletes, chefs, professors, even people who have perished, for me my role model would be my dad. My dad is the kind of person who makes you smile when you are sad. He has been through though times with the loss of a child, but he overcame it for me and my siblings. He is also a hard worker who has dedicated his time to provide for his family. The most important quality my dad has is being a great teacher. He has taught me everything I know about being a good person. What makes my dad my role model is the fact that he is positive, a provider, and a great teacher. To begin, One of the attributes my father has that makes him my role model is being a positive person. Therefore, My father is always thinking positive, so me and my family like to have him around and think of him as a role model. Secondly, Another reason my father is my role model is that he provides for my family. In addition, He puts food on our table, so my family and me have him as a role model. Finally, My father is a great teacher, so I consider him my role model. Ultimately, My father has taught me and my siblings everything we know about being good people, so we look up to him as our role model.
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