My Role Model

Topics: Genghis Khan, Marie Curie, Disability Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: July 31, 2013
To me, a good model is someone who is not perfect, but good enough in some criteria for me to follow. Amongst the characteristics to make a good model, my ideal one must be optimistic, strong at leadership, understanding and caring for people around. I used to have a lot of role models. When I was a little child, my role model was Genghis Khan because he was strong and determined. He had been a leader of a group of people of the desert until he became the great king of Mongo Empire. As I became a little older, at the age of studying, my role model turned into scientist. I admired Marie Curie a lot for her contribution to the world as well as her hardship. Since I started to teach myself English, I idolized Helen Keller. She was blind and deaf since childhood but she overcame her disability to become one of the best role model for not only handicapped people like her but also the rest people in the world. Now that I am grown up enough and understanding enough, I only have two role models in my life. They are my Father and my Mother. Not until I went to work that I realized that they are the greatest people of them all. In Vietnam, we still live with parents until we finished studying. For some family, their children only made it until high school. For my family, my parents have taken care of me until I graduated at University, which is when I was at the age of twenty three. Right after I went to work and earned my first salary, I wondered: “How could my parents manage it until now? How could they raise me up from very little child until I became a man myself?” They have all the good qualities to be a good model: optimistic enough in every circumstance of their lives, strong at leadership enough to overcome all my stupid mistakes, understanding enough to bear my teenager time, caring for me enough that I can feel the greatest love that they are giving me. Today I can proudly say to the world: I only have two role models in my life and they are my parents.

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