My Road to College

Topics: Teacher, Family, Education Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: September 30, 2010
Heather Arvizu
English 024/25 WF rough draft
My Road to College
I have decided to go back to college to show my kids that anybody can do anything if they just put their minds to it. My kids are my main reason to going back to school. I can’t let them think that because mommy didn’t go to college they don’t have to. I want them to have a better life then what I had. They are all such smart kids that all of them can do it. Especially if they find out or know that mommy went back to school with five babies. I am doing this more for the family then for myself. I just want the best for my family.

When making my plans to return back to college it was a long talk with my husband and a long fight knowing that there was going to be things that I may have to miss to do this. Sometime I wish that I would have more time with my kids, but in the long run I know that after school I will have so much more time to spend with them. I’m trying to do the best that I can. Thankfully my husband and my mother are all trying to help me with my dreams so that I can better the lives of the family. My husband was just really worried that I would be taking on too much. I still have responsibilities to take care of. I can’t forget that things still need to be done around the house. On my busy day I will have dinner laid out for my mother to cook. I try to plan doctor appointments for when I don’t have school and on my short days gives me time to get homework done and do little errands done.

My husband is a huge reason for me going back to school. He knew my love of teaching children. He gave me the idea to go back to school to become an ESL teacher. Yeah, I know that teachers are having a really hard time in this economy right now, but ESL teacher needs are growing by the minute. My husband’s cousins have children in school and they go home with their homework and the parents don’t know or understand what their children are supposed to be doing. Then we get phone calls asking us...
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