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By VeroniqueAringo1 Jan 21, 2013 525 Words
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture

Computer Science High School of Bicolandia


Veronique Joy S. Aringo


Ms. Judith

English IV teacher

A Christmas Carol
‘Book VS Movie’
Charles Dickens - Patrick Stewart

It was said that the movie was an excellent adaptation even though some parts are cut because the whole story would not fit the 2 hours movie timeframe. And if does cut some parts of the book itself,of course there would also be scenes wherein it is not included in the book.It is notice that here are little differences that have to do with our language versus the language of the time.

Thare are also changes in Books’ characters,how they act and the new characters as well.There are additional characters from the movie that is certainly not included in the book. They are Mr. Dimples and Mrs. Dimples. The christmas past ghost was very cool but when the book described it, it looked pretty different from it's descripton. The author never said christmas past ghost was a fire ghost or has a flaming head in the book.And it also left out when the chirstmas past ghost started doing his dancing flickering. The Ghost of Christmas Present doesn't take Scrooge to as many places as in the book, but this version at least shows Scrooge being shown men on ships, in the coal mines, in jails, etc. In the book it is not include when,,where and how Belle (Scrooge's fiance) and Scrooge first met. In the movie they add more empathize on Belle by showing the contrast between Scrooge and Belle dancing in a really smitten state and the older Belle walking out on Scrooge.

There are also changes in how they started the movie, where Scrooge following Marley's hearse/ funeral procession to the graveside which is in fact is neither the start of the book nor shown in the book at all. They added more action with the scene where Scrooge tried to put out the Ghost of Christmas Past's flame when actually it never happened in the book. In Christmas Present,at Cratchits’,they do have the children eating immediately, which the book does not do (nor would they in those times). Politeness would dictate that each would wait to eat until everyone had been served. They also don't say grace before eating; this is the only version that doesn't show a prayer before the Cratchit family eats, and it's a departure from the book. In the movies Christmas Future,there was the black giant horses that chased Scrooge, but the book didn't mention any of that.And also in the book it didn't mention Scrooge shrinking or the part where he saw those two maniacal guys under the Christmas present's cloak.The end of the Ghost of Christmas Future's visit where Scrooge's grave splits and suddenly Scrooge is on top of his body and both are falling and he awakes in his room but actually, The Ghost of Christmas Future's robes simply melt down into his bed curtains and Scrooge is in his own room which is not metioned in the book.

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