My Religious Experience

Topics: Baptism, Eucharist, Anglicanism Pages: 6 (2354 words) Published: March 13, 2011
On Sunday, November 14, 2010 I visited the Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church of Toronto to attend the Holy Mass, which they call the “Great Matins” which starts at 8:30 a.m. The Holy Eucharist Church is located at 515 Broadview Avenue, in Toronto. I decided to visit this Catholic Church because after calling several churches to find out if I could visit to do my visitation report, this Church seemed to be more interesting because it was the only Eucharist Catholic Church nearby my grandparents’ house. This beautiful church sits atop the Don Valley and overlooks a beautiful park. Father Volodymyr Krivoglavyi, who is a Parish priest, leads the Mass. He is assisted by Father Josaphat Korchinski who is the assistant priest. The Deacons of the Holy Eucharist Church are, Paul del Junco, Peter Filipowhich, and Charles Hutchison. The Holy Eucharist Church is an outstanding example of traditional and contemporary church designs. I chose to visit the Holy Eucharist Church because I was interested in learning more about the Catholic religion. The Catholic religion intrigued me the most from any other religion because I wanted to experience what the difference is when it comes to how Masses are held in a Catholic Church compared to the Friday prayer “Jumaa” for Muslims. I decided to go visit the church early so that I can make some observation about how the church looked from the outside and the inside. As well as to notice how people entered the church and how they were greeted. As I arrived I noticed people setting up tables in the parking lot. This was being done because as a community they sell religious items, such as frames, crosses, necklaces and food to raise money for events that the church does. This was quite interesting because the community was coming together to help raise funds for a good cause, and were dedicated in their practices. The people I talked to before entering the church were very friendly and interesting. Even though not all of them could speak in English properly they were quite friendly and were able to understand most of what I was saying. I interviewed the Parish priest for a few minutes because he was really busy and did not have too much time. The Parish priest, Father Krivoglavyi was of Ukrainian descent and in my interview I noticed that Father Krivoglavyi was not that great in speaking in English. In the brief time I had I asked the Father about some things that I did not understand or found interesting. I was not able to get much detail from the interview so I also did some research online. There were many architecturally interesting details about the Church both externally and internally. The narthex or vestibule is the first part of the church; one enters this part through three doors. The Churches interior is quite unique, when it comes to the Nave. There is a hierarchical plan in the in the way icons are to be arranged in the Church. Upon entering the church through the narthex I noticed the dome, which is the highest point of the Church. In my brief interview with the Father, I asked some questions about some of the things that I did not understand and according to Father Volodymyr Krivoglavyi, “the dome is reserved for our Lord.” As I walked around I noticed on the front wall, above the sanctuary, is the figure of Mary, who is the mother of God. When I asked Father Krivoglavyi, “What does the figure of Mary symbolize?” He responded saying, “My son, Mary is the Mother of God, and she is the link between the creator and his creation. She symbolizes the bond between us and our Lord.” To the side of the Church next to the sanctuary there are icons of the angels, apostles and saints. Before the icon screen, also known as the “Iconostasis,” there are two Candelabra. In my interview with Father Krivoglavyi, I asked him about the significance of the Candelabra and he told me briefly about how God guided the Hebrews to the promise land and they symbolize the light of Christ. Father...
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