My Reflection

Topics: English-language films, Academic writing, Writing Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: March 13, 2011
My Reflective Piece
Being a student of Mrs. Wilson Comp. II Class was okay this semester. There are a few things that I did learn this semester in her class. I learned how to write a research paper and do academic journals. I enjoy doing the academic journals because it was an interesting way to find information that you are looking for. If I ever need to look up any information that I need to find on the internet I could use my academic journals method to help narrow down my information. However, the research paper was horrible because it was very difficult for me to put all your information together to try to make an argument that need to be cited if the information was not mine. It was hard to use the citation that was not mine without plagiarizing. My favorite paper this semester was my Memoir paper. I love to do Memoir papers because I am able to express my feelings and let my audience know what kind of a personal I am. I love to share my life with others to see if anybody else that my age who has experience things that I have at a young age. The hardest paper that I had to do was my research paper. It was a lot of work that I had to do before even starting to write my paper. The first section of the paper was easy because it was just gathering your information together. My hard part of the paper was starting off and then beginning and then trying to make it flow in the correct tense. It was for me to identify the present and past-tense that I was using in my papers.. I was sad that I got a no credit on my paper. Knowing that I working as hard as I could with that paper, but I was glad that my teacher was able to show me my mistakes that I made and what I needed to do to get a passing grade. My aspects of writing that I need to work on are my grammar issues. I have a bad grammar problem when it comes to writing a paper. I have it bad leaving off ending of words; have run on sentence and no comma in the correct places. I can say that I...
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