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My Reflection

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Learning, Writing / Pages: 3 (663 words) / Published: Mar 4th, 2014
During this course, I learned how to write a successful essay with minimal mistakes, how to write proper English, and how to use punctuation correctly. Honestly, I found this class a refresher for me, possibly because my teacher was extremely knowledgeable and encouraged me to push myself to reach my goal. I can remember the first few days of class, the feeling of being hit with the harsh and abrupt reality that I actually had to work hard this semester. Uncomfortable at first, I gradually caught on to the quick but efficient pace my teacher had required of me. Although there was a tremendous amount of work I knew I needed, I worked hard and took every advantage of all resources that were available to me. I feel that all that work truly paid off because now, I feel confident that I could write a successful essay.
What I have learned this semester about my writing is that I really did not understand how to punctuate my essay correctly, I did not understand how to make sentences parallel, and I did not understand how to format my essay correctly. There were several activities and assignments I found useful this semester. I really liked the online courses and the homework packets. These activities were very helpful and helped me understand how to use parts of speech correctly. I really liked the fact that tutoring was mandatory because it made me get extra help even if I did not need it. I really did not find any activities or assignments least helpful not helpful because very assignment and activity I did helped me. I really enjoyed this course and working with my classmates, but there are some things that I would like see changed. I would like to see more hands on activities when going over parts of speech. I do understand that this class is more about preparing you for the ICE exam, and that there is not a lot of time to spend on it, but students learn differently and I for one learn faster with hands on activities. Another thing I would like to see less of are long power points. I for one find them boring and I have found myself at times this semester daydreaming when a power point was being presented. I would like to see more interacting and straight to the point power points to keep the students attention.
Some advice I suggest for future students who enroll in this class, is to take this course with an open mind. One thing that I have noticed while enrolled here at the college are individuals who come here and waste their time as well as their professor’s time. Another thing, take time to actually listen to what your professor has to say and apply it your work. Their advice and words of wisdom could also be applied to everyday use. Finally, future students should do is taking advantage all the resources that are available on campus.
In my future, I hope to carry all of the skills I have acquired throughout this course. I believe that they will be very helpful to me, regardless of what I am trying to accomplish. I feel that I am much better now, in persuading someone through my writings; which will definitely come in handy during my career. The responsibility I have gained during this experience was not only incredible but has taught me to be a much more organized person. I was faced with deadlines, rules and assignments that I could not work around during the semester. I also found that all of these responsibilities made me realize that I am capable of taking the next step forward in my academic career. Each new experience I involve myself in has made me continue to grow and constantly learn something new. Mrs. Stansberry, I have truly enjoyed your class and look forward to applying what you have taught me in future classes.

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