My Reasons for Pursuing a Graduate Degree

Topics: Higher education, Bachelor's degree, Postgraduate education Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: May 18, 2011
My Reasons for Pursuing a Graduate Degree
Kenika M. Carter

Each individual has his own reason for pursuing a graduate degree. Professionally, a graduate degree shows that the person has the motivation, ambition, and dedication to improve and thus strive to obtain a position in which he/she can apply and expand his knowledge base. Many perceive a graduate degree as a status symbol, an opportunity for advancement, or even a cause for more money. The choice to seek additional education after investing four years in an undergraduate degree shows commitment to learning and recognition of self-worth. I chose to pursue a Master’s degree for two reasons; to obtain a higher learning level of education and to eventually increase my annual salary. The first, and most important, reason for my wanting to pursue a Master’s degree is to obtain a higher education level. I believe that obtaining a graduate degree will definitely make me more marketable in the corporate world. My goal is to broaden my horizon beyond the technical world, unlock career aspirations otherwise blocked, and enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills. I am hoping that by pursuing a degree of higher learning, I will pick up enhanced skills that will enable me to be more of an asset to a team once I enter the workforce. I truly believe that without the knowledge, strength and motivation from within, I would not have attempted such a bold move. I take pride in knowing that I am making the first step in the right direction and towards reaching new heights. A graduate program will be both a challenge and a major achievement to me. I believe I have the ability and motivation to contribute to a great body of intellectuals in the graduate program. Given the chance, I will be a major asset.
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