My Razy Snake Adventure

Topics: Snake, Road, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Grant Poole

This is a story about my crazy snake adventure. My crazy snake adventure started when I woke up to go for my last day of Middle School at JFK. It started out like any other morning; I woke up, ate breakfast, put on clothes, and got ready to start the day. Because it was the last day of school a bunch of us kids decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. Little did I know this walk home would be one to remember…

About an hour before the afternoon announcements came on it seemed like the entire 8th grade were out in the hallways crying and hugging saying “goodbye” to all the people they meet throughout the years. When all of a sudden everyone makes a mad dash to the exit, this is where my adventure begins. Brandon, Domonico, Kabrea, San, Jose, Rafael, DJ, Mel, Precious, myself, and a few others, these are the people I was with when we decided to skip the last hour of school and start walking.

We had been walking for about an hour and a half before we stopped to take a break because the heat was so intense. (this also made it perfect weather for a snake to be out in) As we are walking past one ladies’ house one of the people I had been walking with said “Hey, I bet none of yall are crazy enough to go under that bridge thing” so being the daredevil that I am I bravely said, “I volunteer as tribute”. So as I approach the bottom part of the bridge I’m looking under inspecting it making sure it at least looks safe. But what awaits me on the other side of the bridge I have no idea. As I start my walk under the bridge I have people on cheering me on from behind, I didn’t think it was that big of deal but as I look back I realize it was about 70ft long. Anyway, I finally reached the other side of the bridge and I saw around me nothing but thorn bushes and trees what looked to be one of the only ways up from the other side of the bridge which was to have someone reach down and pull me up. So I asked Jose to come and help me up he gets...
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