My purpose

Topics: Jesus, Meaning of life, Christianity Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Name :Ashlan Lamb
Graduating year : 2013
Date : 08/12/2012

My Life , My Purpose : Laws of Life

The word purpose is a very dynamic concept used to describe an individual's destiny or lifetime goal. Some individuals know their purpose in life and some spend a lifetime trying to find or fulfill that purpose . However, my ultimate mission in life is to lead people to my lord and savior Jesus Christ by using my musical gift of singing and through my ethical lifestyle choices . I have recently discovered my purpose, my mission , and my lifetime responsibility . To ascertain that purpose, I used similar tactics that Sir John Templeton outlined in his book, The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life . I diagrammed a web on a sheet of paper displaying my gifts, interests, and past memories altogether . All of these collaborated aspects of my life led me to the conclusion that my goal is to lead people closer to Jesus Christ. I plan on accomplishing this goal by living according to the word of God . I am a pastors daughter and my purpose relates to my lifestyle evangelism because others will observe how I live and how God miraculously moves in my life . I also plan on bringing people to Christ through encouraging and uplifting people by using my musical singing ability . God has helped me through some challenging times . Now I can hopefully express this through my music lyrics and show others that God can do the same for them. . The principles that have always guided me have been the words of my parents . They always told me, “ People are going to observe your life to see if it represents Christ. Others that do not know him will pay attention on to how you live.” I always kept this in mind in handling my day to day issues and situations . These words of wisdom always touched me because it helped me realize that if I don’t live like I should then I will give off a negative connotation of who God is and what he...
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