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I believe that education is a need in the society; therefore, every person should be given all the chances and privileges to be in school and learn. No one must be deprived with one of the aims of the government especially the Education for All (EFA). I believe that every child has a unique character in the diversity of learning towards growth and development. And I am certain that as a would-be teacher, there’s so much reward which I can derive from being able to impart knowledge to the growing child and share the attitudes that will govern him/her through life and I should pattern this to my teaching strategies. It is my aspiration to help children meet their fullest potential in developing their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life providing them a safe environment, productive stimulating atmosphere, and ideal interactions. My way of instruction must be suitable to the learning styles of my students. I believe in Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, therefore I should use varied activities which will cater the students’ needs. I will impart to every child the better understanding that their capabilities should intertwine directly with each learning styles in the reinforcement of multiple intelligences. I will also provide each and every child with the necessary skills and knowledge for life-long learning. I also believe in the Cone of Experience that was developed by Edgar Dale, according to this philosophy, the more senses that are used, the greater the ability to learn from and remember an event or experience. Therefore, I will give hands-on activities which will greatly affect their five senses. I believe that children should deserve a classroom that is conducive in nature and provoke interest. The exchange of ideas must be lively that the learners do not care about the time. They must be like the river that continuously flows until it...
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