My Prejudice

Topics: Obesity, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 17, 2013

Identify a prejudice of your own?

How it has affected your relationship with the member of the prejudice group?

What are the majors that you have taken in order to overcome your prejudice?


Being light weight I had prejudice towards fat people that they gain heavy weight because of following reasons:

They are lazy.

They do slow and low intensity activities.

They do less work compared to their food consumption.

Effect of prejudice on relationship:

First of all in school, I use to avoid all my friends who have more weights than a normal person. In school, I didn't want that other students count me in that category of being lazy or a person who overeats. While doing projects and class activities I use to select friends who have normal weight because I believed that If a person with overweight will come in my group it will not do its work properly and will eventually affect our group performance. Considering above fact, if we have programs like sports or dance I used to make sure that everyone in my group is normal weight because overweight people normally face problem with physical movements.

Secondly, while socializing outside and visiting parties I use to distant myself from overweight people as I didn't want to be included in to a group, which are seen as people who overeating. I was very much concerned with my image outside as it represents me and my family.

Me and my family have great emphasis on health which is also an another reason why I think overweight people are lethargic and personally I think that they don't put enough efforts of doing either physical activities like playing sports and exercise or proper diet which makes them healthy.

Because of all this reasons I did lost a few friends over time which were good in studies and in nature which I realized in my college days.


I moved from school to college, being new in college I had no option initially but to...
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