My Position as an Education and Mass Communications Major

Topics: Education, Teacher, Communication studies Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 29, 2006
As a college student, I view my future as an important aspect in life. I yearn to be understood and recognized by all. There are no limitations to what any person can do! As a result, I chose to double major in B-K Education and Mass Communications so that I can represent me. I enjoy helping people, I enjoy talking, and I enjoy being my own individual. With all of this said, Shaw University was an option to my rescue and I am anxious to see what the future holds for me. Most importantly, I love helping other people to any extreme. Specifically speaking, I want to enhance the learning of children in today's generation. I chose B-K Education because I work with this age group now at my daycare. This major is ideal for future teachers who love working with small children. Courses prepare students to teach pre schoolers-usually three to six years of age- in formal classroom settings. As an educator, we are to study how people learn and how to best teach them. I have learned that if you major in education that you will find out how to set up and manage a classroom, design and teach isnspiring lessons, and help students succeed no matter what age, background, or learning style. Not only that but, I enjoy talking all the time too. Without communication you have nothing! Mass Communications sort of ties in with teaching as well. I want to use this major to become a writer. Writers work in many places, from magazines to corporations to home offices. If I be like many writers, I might work as a freelancer -taking on various jobs from different clients- which requires not only writing text but marketing myself and running a business. Mass Communications is communication directed to, or reaching the mass of the people through a range if methods such as th press (print, television, radio, internet), advertisements, public relations, etc. Finally, I am simply flawless when it comes to being my own person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself because it makes...

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