My plans for my school life

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Thought Pages: 1 (490 words) Published: October 27, 2014
As far as I am concerned, school is like a wonderland where I can discover something unexpected and precious when I get involved in the learning process. In actuality, it is the most common place where I learn the basic things such as knowledge, manners, discipline, demeanor, punctuality, and some more along with studies. If I would like to do well or even stand out among other classmates at school, making plans for my school life is the first thing I need to do at present. First of all, as a 9th-grade student, I give priority to taking good care of studies because the outcome of it will have a great effect upon which school I am going to choose. Time is especially important and valuable to me , so I pay more attention in class, ask teachers questions more often, and talk about schoolwork with classmates after school. These ways can not only increase my school grades but also improve my learning efficiency. As a saying goes, Hard-working and good methods of learning are the key to success in work and in life. Secondly, I plan to join the school club to develop my interests. As a proverb runs, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Study is not the only thing I could do during my school life. By taking part in various activities, I can learn something useful or some practical skills to make me more competitive. In addition, it can build up my confidence, open my mind, and relieve my pressure from all kinds of studies. Thirdly, knowing how to deal with the relationship with others and how to get along well with them is always the most profound lesson in everyones life. I hope to be a warmer and more considerate person. Basically, I am a person who seldom gets angry or blame somebody else for his mistakes. However, theres still so much for me to improve. Whenever I come across the problems or want to start complaining about something, I think I should put myself in others shoes more. I have to learn to be more thoughtful of my friends for fear that I...
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