My Planet and I

Topics: Earth, World, Waste Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The long and arduous journey of man from ancient to modern time has considerably taken its toll. As I gazed around me, my heart bleeds at the sight of gigantic piles of garbage, men dying of dreadful diseases, of pollution, of natural calamities brought about by the very polluted environment and the denudation of our forests – the wanton utilization of the natural resources leading to the planet earth’s destruction. Is there anything to do to get rid of the Augean stable which required Hercules of a great strength? Our Earth is like an Augean stable which needs a Herculean strength to be white-washed in just so short of time. Sad to say, we are not Hercules, not a one-man team. What we need is a conjoined effort among all sectors particularly the youth – us! Yes! We can do much! Biblical Paul advised Timothy: “Be not ashamed or afraid of your youth. Prove that you are the hope of the fatherland by taking in the challenges mankind is facing. What are these challenges? These challenges that confront us today are concerns the present plight of our environment. In this industrialized and fast-modernizing world, each consumer throws out one and a half kilo of rubbish everyday. Little is recycled. The world is now choking. We have pushed our world towards ecological disaster. Not only that, with our desire to become industrialized, we collect thousands of tons of garbage from factories, households, hospitals and others which poses a grave health and ecological hazard. What with the senseless loss of lives brought about by the Payatas and Irisan dumpsite tragedies in our country? No need to mention the pollution caused by our mining companies. Our negligence and stubbornness are putting our lives at risks. Yes! Our attitude – our minimalistic attitude! This is an era of rapid changes. We have to act. All government agencies and its entire people must work hand in hand to achieve scientific and attitudinal change needed in improving the quality of life...
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