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Starting Over and Getting it Right This Time

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Starting over and getting it right this time
I am starting over. Starting over at what you might ask? Starting the education I didn’t pursue as a young man. Getting what right this time? Getting right the idea that education and learning isn’t something that should be forced upon you or something that is owed to you. I have finally found my true passion and I am going to accomplish my goals. This is the beginning of the journey to the next part of my life.

I have read books and articles, listened to many tapes dealing with the goal setting and success planning. These materials always got my attention. While starting out in the financial industry as a sales representative, this type of information was commonly recommended to new brokers. A lot of times the themes were to find what you love to do and success will follow. At the time, I thought what I would love to do would be to make a lot of money – at whatever job I could get that would pay me a lot of money. As time and maturity taught me, that’s not always how it works.

In the financial industry, I had a modest level of success. In those days, you could start in an entry-level position and move up by working hard and getting someone to give you a chance. That’s what I did. I didn’t have much of an education, only about a year at a community college. I started as a clerk for a brokerage firm and eventually took the test to be a licensed securities broker. I liked it and it worked fine for me for a few years. After some year passed, I decided, along with my wife (who also worked in the industry] that one of us needed to be home STARTING OVER

with our son. He was 9 years old and had a nanny watch him till we came home for most of his life. It worked out that it would be me to stay home. Hello Mr. Mom!
As a stay at home parent, I became involved with many of...
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