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Topics: Short story, Fiction, New Zealand Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Most simply a character is one of the persons who appear in the play, one of the dramatis personae (literally, the persons of the play). In another sense of the term, the treatment of the character is the basic part of the playwright's work. Conventions of the period and the author's personal vision will affect the treatment of character. Characters are also an element of any short story which usually has only a few characters in which they play an important role in the whole story and the events takes place. In the two short stories that I have read, I will discuss two characters and will explain the existence and effects of the characters in the story. In the short story “Sautu” which written by Subramani, the protagonist or the main character was Dhanpat. In here, the story describes more about the setting of Dhanpat’s community, Sautu as it focuses on the life of Dhanpat. The story focuses mainly on the emotional situation and social interactions of Dhanpat that later resulted in madness. The main character’s name itself depicts that it is of an Indian origin which holds true for the short story. The story relates to the loss of cultural value of the ex-indentured laborers rather girmityas as they feel dissociated in the environment of Sautu.

Moreover, the social relationships of the protagonist, Dhanpat with the other Sautu community members accentuate the physical as well as the emotional difficulties that they come across in their everyday life. In fact, the title “Sautu” accurately means peace and prosperity in Fijian but it was totally different from what the story like as it reflects on the life of Dhanpat. Instead, the village, Sautu in the story suggests grinding poverty, evil and boredness of its dwellers that includes the main character, Dhanpat. The village represents the dehumanizing experiences of indenture as the people are obsessed with uneasiness and fear of their history. Obviously, Dhanpat and his friend, Kanga could not relate their...
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