My Philosophy Paper

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My Philosophy Paper
Philosophy is “a conceptual framework for synthesis and evaluation that represents a system of values to serve as a basis for decisions that project career and technical education/human resource development’s (HRD) future” (Croker, 2009). Teachers need to be aware of their personal beliefs because they have the ability, whether intentional or not, to influence the minds of students. Therefore, they need to have a philosophy of teaching to abide by on a continual basis. My philosophy comes from that of a Facilitator or Liberationist teaching style/approach (Fenstermacher & Soltis, 2004). As a Facilitator/Liberationist, my intent is to know and understand each student. I want to know where they come from, their lifestyle, their thoughts, their concern, and theirworries. I want to encourage their input as much as possible. I want them to begin to gain their own philosophy – a philosophy of learning. Student input is magical; however, it is also important to realize there must be management as well. I want my students to feel welcome and that there are not “bad questions,” but they also need to understand my authority and allow me to direct them. Reality

My philosophy also relates to the thoughts advocated by John Dewey (1859-1952). He believed the learner should “become active in learning and questions be developed and tested” (Croker, Twentieth Century Philosophers on Vocational Education, 2009). We have so much we can learn from historical philosophers. Truth

“Truth is the object of philosophy, but not always of philosophers – John Churton Collins” (Croker, Need for a Philosophy, 2009). Is what we have learned from philosophers actually truth? No, but their thoughts have influenced others to help find truth. Truth is knowledge. The only way of knowing if my philosophy is effective is by testing it and making necessary adaptations as I go along. Truth is the knowledge of what I teach. Do I know what career and technical...

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