My Philidophy of Service

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My Philosophy of Service

An Assignment
Presented in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Course
BHSC 100-01 Philosophy of Service

INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Vanessa Samlalsingh


Sharon Burton

29 January 2015


My Philosophy of Service

What is my Philosophy of Service?
My philosophy of service is to treat everyone equally. To remember that everyone is an individual that should be treated with respect, despite their religious belief, skin colour or size. Where did I get this philosophy?

My philosophy was developed over a period of time. The largest contributing factor to my philosophy is the word of God, the Holy Bible. Through reading and studying the Word of God there are many scriptures that inspirer’s me to have a better attitude towards others. The second largest contributing factor to my philosophy was personal experience. Throughout my life, in particular the last 4 years I came to the conclusion that you must be respectful to everyone. It not only builds your character but it also brings positivity and gives a sense of self-worth to others. The last contribution to my philosophy was given by my parents. At a very young age they taught me to be respectful to others an intern they will have respect for me. How does this philosophy impact my everyday life?

This philosophy impacts my life in a number ours ways. Firstly, it allows me to establish a greater relationship with my immediate family as well as my extended family. Due to this philosophy developing my character I was able to develop into a productive individual in my society, despite the misconception and negative opinions many may have about young adults. As I share my philosophy with others it encourages others to adapt this philosophy and become better individuals.
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