My Pet

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My Pet

My dog, Itsy, is the best pet; in fact some people tell me she is like on of my children. I have had her since she was a small, innocent, four-week-old puppy. She is a black and tan dachshund, otherwise known as a weenie dog. Itsy is mostly black like the midnight sky, although, all four of her paws are tan and she has a small round tan dot on the inside corner of her eyebrows. Her snout is tan with ebony down the top; it’s also long and narrow like Pinocchio’s nose when he lies. She has a stout build with short, stubby legs and short, shinny, coarse hair. She is about fourteen inches long and stands about eight inches high, but her ears are long and droopy and her tail is as long as an unsharpened pencil. I like to spoil her like I spoil my three boys. Itsy eats table scraps and gets cookies for treats all the time, rather than eating nasty old dog food and dog treats. After she eats she likes to go to sleep, although, when she sleeps no one else can because she snores so loudly that it sounds like a freight train going by. She sleeps right up against me; she puts her entire body, except her head, under the covers and lays her head down on my pillows.

Itsy loves to go outside on warm sunny days, but wants to stay indoors on cold dreary days. When its warm outside, she wants to go out and find a sunny dirt spot to sleep in, even if I have just given her a bath, but on cold dreary days she likes to stay in the house bundled up in her fleece blanket like a newborn baby. Itsy is considered a member of my family, the same as my boys. She gets Christmas presents from Santa, Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, and she has a birthday party every year. She is the perfect height, length, and build for a miniature dachshund, and she has an easygoing personality, provided that my boys aren’t aggravating her. She loves to play with her toys; games like tug-a-war and keep away; her favorite toy is an old...
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