My Personal Worldview

Topics: God, Decision making, Creator deity Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: September 11, 2011
In my worldview I believe that God does exist. He is the creator of all things. Through Him all things are possible. God is the Father; He wakes me up each morning to see another day. God has blessed me with a beautiful family and everything I have.

I consider knowledge being what I know. “God does exist”. I don’t always know something is true, just have to have faith and believe. Knowledge is all the gathered information that we obtain throughout our lives.

There is much more than matter, life exists. There is lots of life in the world and all things are living. Matter is not all that matters.
You should behave positively toward your fellow human beings. Treat others as you want to be treated. You should worship God and have no other gods besides him. I evaluate things to be right or wrong through observation. For example if you need someone in need of help, the right thing to do is help them. The wrong thing to do maybe to just let the person suffer and not help them. We as Christians are taught to make the right decisions. The devil is a lie and will try to do anything to get us into trouble.

Yes, I believe people are free to choose their own actions. Everyone should know right from wrong, therefore it is their decision on which road to travel on. “Walk by faith, Not by Sight.”
My worldview affects my decision making by allowing God to be a part of my life. Several times when I have struggled through the obstacles in my life, I prayed and God helped me through them. I was stuck in a situation a year back and God helped mw choose the right one. I got my financial aid money and after getting what I needed. I had money left over. It was to either spend it on stuff I really did not need or help my grandmother out with her finances. God helped me make the right decision and help my grandmother. As a younger woman I was always in the streets, and always going out. One particular night something kept telling me not to go and hang out...
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