My Personal Philosophy of Education

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Within this paper I will show reason and support for the development of my own

personal philosophy of education I have found to be of importance that should be found

in today’s classroom. I have a strong support of a safe environment and availability of

free expression to be offered equally to every eager mind of a child. There are important

assets that I will explore within this paper that I feel can be used as valuable

tools to help construct less of “at risk students” and produce more positive citizens in the

future of our society. I will try and support how schools and faculty play such a strong

role in a having the opportunity to be an additional role model in a child’s life.

Are Students Intrinsically motivated to learn?

I feel that students are always motivated to learn. Students may have different learning

styles or different ways of interpreting information and it is the job of schools and faculty

to keep abreast the constant changes needed within the classroom walls to help encourage

the young and developing minds. Education should be made available equally to all

students no matter where there home or school lies. I understand that different resource

needs are more needed in different areas of the nation depending on geographical

motivations. In some areas of our nation there may be need for better trained bilingual

instructors, while in others there may be need for higher federal funding to be allotted for

free or reduced lunches. Nevertheless, there should be way to distribute funding to give

every school in the United States appropriate resources to incorporate the highest form of

education within our classrooms.

Are There Certain Universal Truths that should be taught?

Through time of history of philosophers there has been much research to support

Many different views of what is needed to better educate of future generations of

children and how to accommodate the changing needs to produce productive citizens, but

I find that no matter the philosopher of choice you base your own personal philosophy

on, that conclusions should be similar in the end. Children are our key to success and

utilizing every research tool possible from past and present can only help to develop

strong reasoning for the good of education. I think that “open-mindedness” being

allowed openly in a classroom of today can help to support and show the morality of a

society. Children should never be restricted in thought to be creative and should be

promoted to speak freely with positive support. Teachers are the educators but can always

be in place to turn back the clock of time as the student, if they allow there minds to

broadened by their young students.

What is the Ideal Curriculum?

What Type of Classroom Environment is most Conducive to Learning?

I would have to refer to Gardner’s Spatial Intelligence Theory, which refers to the use

of pictures and images with a sensitivity to color, line, shape, and reform and their

interrelationships (Webb, Metha, & Jordan 2007 ). By using defining colors of pictures

and defining shapes on the walls of a classroom, it can help to aid visual learners and to encourage all around involvement from everyone within a class. This particular theory of

intelligence can help to encompass and expand the realm of human cognition from many

angels of learning. Using Gardner’s theory of intelligence can encourage students in

becoming more perceptive of visual details and at the same time helps to promote a good

sense of location and direction. I also believe strongly that vivid colors found on the walls

of a classroom can keep the excitement level of learning higher than arriving to a class

with four white walls of no...
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