My Personal Philosophy

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“A Reflection from and of EXperience: My Personal Education” By: Rex B. Penuela

“Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all.”
― Aristotle1


Guided by the quotation below:

"In modern times there are opposing views about the practice of education. There is no general agreement about what the young should learn either in relation to virtue or in relation to the best life; nor is it clear whether their education ought to be directed more towards the intellect than towards the character of the soul.... And it is not certain whether training should be directed at things useful in life, or at those conducive to virtue, or at non-essentials.... And there is no agreement as to what in fact does tend towards virtue. Men do not all prize most highly the same virtue, so naturally they differ also about the proper training for it."2

This paper will showcase the author’s “Personal Philosophy of Education” illuminated and drawn from established philosophy of education by notable Philosophers. Philosophers whose works and philosophical treatises have help in the shaping and in the formulation of what we now know and accepted as “Philosophy of Education.” The author of this paper hopes that this endeavor may help him in providing quality holistic learning to his students.


1. Essentialism
The term essentialism as an educational philosophy was originally popularized in the 1930s by the American educator William Bagley. It refers to an approach to education that is considered "traditional" or "Back to the Basics". It is coined as such because it intends to instill students with the "essentials" of academic formation and character development.

Essentialists believe that the most essential or basic academic skills and knowledge should be taught to all students. Traditional disciplines such as math, natural science, history, and...
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