My Personal Experience

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My Personal Experience

Throughout the duration of the ‘Managing People & Organisations’ module, I have learnt my strengths and weaknesses. I believe one of my personal strengths was undertaking background research. I was constantly testing my ability to research and present findings through every task of this module. However, there is always room for improvement and this module helped adapt that.

We were given many opportunities to present our research findings through group work, in the format of posters, presentations, etc. I made use of many different sources to collect my information. However I gathered the majority of me research through the internet and textbooks. For example, I found that ‘Management and Organizational Behaviour’ (Seventh Edition) By Laurie Mullins, was very useful right the way through the course. One in particular task we had to carry out during week 7 consisted of creating a poster. I think that the poster successfully presented the information it was required to using internet sources and knowledge from my own personal experiences. Nevertheless, the poster could have been improved by including further research which suggested effective ways to motivate employees and students to give a broader insight and understanding of the task in hand.

Additionally, during this experience I found that carrying out research in groups had its ups and downs. It was apparent that repetition tended to occur, although we assigned each other to specific sections of research. It meant that we were to edit our work and gathered information to ensure that we weren’t going to repeat or contradict each other’s points during a presentation. However, this could be easily explained by a lack of communication. Repetition could have been avoided if there was more communication within the group about the areas covered.

On the other hand, I believe that as a group we managed to carry out the tasks efficiently. From my own personal view, I think that I...
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