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Justification for the Physical Education (PE) Activity Maximum The faculty believes that non-academic PE activity courses should be limited to 3 elective units in a student’s degree program to preserve the academic integrity of a UA degree. A 3-unit maximum of PE activity electives in the bachelor’s degree is consistent with the 3-unit maximum for Success Courses. The faculty supports the physical fitness of undergraduates; thus, students may take an unlimited number of PE activity courses at the UA or may transfer an unlimited number from regionally accredited institutions. All activity credits will count toward earned units and class standing. Students who transferred PE activity courses to the UA in the past 4 years (2008 – 2011) averaged no more than 3 PE units, so this proposal would not disadvantage transfer students. The NCAA has set a limit of 2 PE activity units that can apply to a prospective transfer student athlete’s academic eligibility requirements—below the proposed UA maximum. The proposed maximum is in line with limits on PE activity credits established by several UA peer institutions (e.g., UCLA, U. of Minnesota, UT-Austin, U. of Washington).

Proposal to amend two Catalog policies (additions in red font):

Graduation Averages and Credit Requirements, Elective Credit Maximums:
No more than three (3) Physical Education activity credits and no more than three (3) Success Course credits [link to definition] will apply as general elective credit toward a bachelor’s degree.

Acceptability of Undergraduate Transfer Credit, Remedial, vocational, technical, highly specialized and personal development courses are not accepted for credit. Physical education (PE) activity courses are...
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