My Perceptions of Organized Crime.

Topics: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime Pages: 5 (1719 words) Published: September 5, 2013
My perceptions of Organized crime.

To define organized crime organization and to understand the concept of organized crime organizations is to realize that they have been around for centuries and they have been documented through our American history and media sources. Organized crime organizations are a group of people who form an alliance to engage in illegal crimes within their communities to obtain financial wealth for their organized crime organization. By criminal behavior of bribery, extortion, violence and etc. To gain control of political powers, business, law enforcement and the public within society so their organized crime organization can stay in business. The mob boss and the chain of command or the hierarchy in organized crime organizations use the criminal behavior traits that demand respect by the use of violence to intimidate. The American public or public figures who have important jobs and positions within society including in the criminal justice system. Organized crime organization have no respect for the criminal justice system and the laws of our country to achieve their goals and to become wealthy and to stay in business. The members within the organization form an alliance and a name usually identified with their ethnic background or personal political beliefs or issues within society that they are dedicated to and loyal to that are important to the organized crime organization. They are known as Mafia of an ethnic identity of race or of the country they come from. Even street gangs or biker gangs are known throughout America as organized crime organizations. Organized crime is not just America’s problem it is a global problem affecting countries and the communities throughout the world. The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity. (para.1) (THE FBI., 2013). My perception of organized crime organizations is the same as the FBI. Glossary report I believe that all organized crime organizations are a group people who have a bond or alliance to obtain wealth and power within society by using criminal behavior with no regard for the laws of America. They are led by a crime boss that forms a chain of command in a hierarchy. That disciplines’ their members with violence and commands orders to be passed down through the hierarchy or the chain of command to the soldiers or members of the organized crime organization. They’re characteristics of criminal behavior of organized crime organization are all closely related or the same. That all organized crime organization are not afraid to break the law by using all types of criminal behavior with the real threat of violence. My personal perception of organized crime organization within America is the same as the FBI. Glossary their fact and findings through criminal investigations in solving crimes is believable to me personally in how organized crime organization do their business and do crimes of bribery, extortion, loan sharking, drug sells and smuggling and etc. within America. Organized crime organization do whatever type of crime it takes to achieve their organized crime goals to obtain wealth and power. They are involved in crimes of racketeering crimes, of gambling and betting and they are not afraid to bribe anyone to achieve wealth and power within their communities or territories. Including law enforcement officers, police officers, state, federal judges, in obstructing justice in criminal court cases and even jury tampering if necessary. Drug sells and smuggling, murder, violence and assaults, prostitution and gambling the list is endless in the criminal behavior of organized crime organizations within America and the world. My personal perception of organized crime organizations of any type even street gangs, biker gangs,...
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