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Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, Southern United States Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: October 23, 2014
These questions are based on the preceding map exercises. They are designed to test students’ knowledge of the geography of the area discussed in this chapter and of its historical development. Careful reading of the text will help students answer these questions.

1.Compare and contrast the areas of cotton production in 1820 with those in 1860. What accounted for this growth in production? What factors contributed to the spread of the “Cotton Kingdom”? 2.Note the relationship between areas of cotton production and the density of the slave population. What does this suggest about the system under which most of the cotton was grown? 3.In some regions, cotton was grown but there were few, if any, slaves. What contributed to this situation? What sort of society would have developed there?OBJECTIVES A thorough study of Chapter 11 should enable the student to understand:

1.The staple crop system of the Old South and how it shaped the commercial and social life of the region 2.The Old South’s dependency on the North for industry and manufacturing 3.The southern white class system and the role the large planters played at the top of this order 4.The role of the “southern lady” in the Old South

5.The characteristics of southern “plain folks” and their place in the southern social and economic order

6.The nature of slavery, its variations, and the role of the slaves in the southern social and economic system 7.The means by which some slaves resisted slavery
8.The features of slave culture that developed apart from white culture and how some of these culture characteristics helped sustain them under slavery 9.The continuing historical debate over the nature of the Old South, its “peculiar institution” of slavery, and the assessment of that institution on both blacks and whites

1.How the staple crop economy helped the South develop a unique culture 2.The characteristic differences between the South and the North 3....
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